Director & Chief Instructor:
 Sensei Eugene Kitney, Jokyo

Dojo & Mailing Address:
 4301 Kelly Lane, Pflugerville, TX 78660

(512) 953-3656




Fee Structure


None at Present


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Under Construction:

Tentative guide to the Fee Structure of the Kaizen Gojukan. We reserve the right to make changes, including changes in price, content, description, terms, etc. at any time without notice.


The table below is a rough guide to the monthly and annual fees associated with training at the Kaizen Gojukan. This does not include the monies associated with the purchasing of uniforms and/or other protective gear.

As an explanation: Students who sign up for the evening classes, will by deault have FREE access to the afternoon (After school classes on Thursdays). Students who only sign up for afternoon classes, will be charged extra (per class) should they attend evening classes. The exception to this, will be by invitation, usually in preparation for Rank Grading Examinations.

Breakdown by Age:

  • Cubs - 5 to 7 Year Olds
  • Cadets - 8 to 10 Year Olds
  • Juniors - 11 to 15 Year Olds
  • Seniors - 16 + Year Olds

Fee Structure

For Twice Weekly Classes

(Can join Afternoon class for FREE)

Evening Tuition (Twice per Week) TESTING
Regular SCA * SDA * Scholarship


(5-7 & 8-10 Years)

$40 py $40 pm $25 pm $30 pm $15 pm / > $35


(11-15 Years)

$40 py $45 pm $30 pm $35 pm $20 pm / > $40


(16+ Years)

$40 py $45 pm $30 pm $35 pm $20 pm / > $40
Kokyu-ho $40 py $45 pm $30 pm $35 pm $20 pm / > $40
Self-defense Course - $100 - - $50 -
Instructor Development - - - - - $80

Updated: Apr. 19, 2017 - Previous Update: Feb. 14, 2016

For Afternoon Classes Only

(Evening Class Extra $)

Afternoon Tuition
(Once a week)
All Ages/Levels $40 py $20 pm See Above for Level appropriate Fees

Updated: February 14, 2016 - Previous Update: November 18, 2013

Further Information

* Special rates for member, students and families of these entities;

  • Stonehill Christian Academy

  • Greater Austin Seventh-day Adventist Churches.

Special discounts for each additional Family Member;

  • +1 [2 Students] = Less 30% of Monthly Total
  • +2 [3 Students] = Less 40% of Monthly Total
  • +3< [4+ Students] = Flat Rate of 3 members (i.e. additional family members past the 3 Initial members will train tuition free.

Testing for Goshin Jutsu Rank & Certificates is optional, though the curriculum WILL be incorporated into regular classes.

  • More information on this, as soon as it becomes available.


Scholarships are available for those with proven financial needs. Please speak to Sensei Eugene for more information. We do handle each application for membership as individualistic as we can, attempting to help ALL to afford at least the affiliation & grading fees. All financial queries should be addressed to the instructor, and this will be dealt with and processed on a case-by-case situation. All discussions will be confidential. Proof of need will need to be furnished as substantiation for claim to assistance.

The annual fee ensures registration and affiliation by means of a membership ID card, issued by our Tokyo Hombu Dojo (head office), as well as registration and setup fees here within the United States.

The grading fee includes your belt, certificate, and rank registration as well as the accompanying administrative fees.

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